Wednesday, September 14, 2011

casa de mckee.

last time i blogged i mentioned there might be a big announcement. and there is. we have a house! it all happened kind of quick. we closed on august 31 and planned on renting the house to the previous owners for one week so they could get out and move into their new house. turns out they only needed it for a couple of days, so we got in saturday, september 3! we spent the whole day in canton buying things for our new home. we went to the house that saturday night and found a leak. welcome to home ownership! we just laughed about it. some friends came over that night and we got to work the next day! that extra weekend was so nice.

we're working against a bit of a deadline to move out of our apartment and into the house. before house talk ever started we wanted to take a trip to california and see some friends. when we started looking, the trip got put on hold. we decided a vacation was a good idea, so we went ahead and booked our trip. we leave september 30, get back october 9th and need to be out of our apartment october 13th. time is of the essence, but i think we'll be okay. it's a good lesson of letting go and not needing control.

we have a lot to do! jesse and i have been waiting on a house to work on. we are both creative and visual so it's fun for us to get to plan and see our vision come to life! we have a lot to paint. they loved brown. seriously, the whole house was a carmel/brownish - yuck. and they loved textured walls - sick. our first project was the guest bathroom. jesse's grandpa is going to paint the cabinets for us. so the bathroom is not fully complete, but super close.



in other non-house related news, we went to the ranger game a few weeks ago. jesse and our friend, brad, were determined to make an appearance on the fox sports post game show. and they succeeded. they jumped up and down (imitating dolphins jumping out of water). the camera's shot couldn't have been any better. here's a still from a dvr recording of jesse mid jump. so funny. 

more house updates to come! can't wait to share with all 2 of you. if there are even that many who read this. 

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  1. oh. there are more than 2. and we are eagerly awaiting more pictures of your housie. :)