Sunday, September 18, 2011

casa de mckee continued....

we have completed so much in just two weeks. unfortunately, not too many pictures to prove it. our lives are hectic to say the least, but it's only for a season, right?

the entire house has been painted (closets and all) with the exception of the kitchen. that project won't be complete for several more days. luckily a man who is on staff at our church with jesse has volunteered to come "float out the walls". we have been hard at work for a week straight peeling paint off of some super thick texture. you know those hole in the wall italian restaurants that want to make you feel like you've stepped into tuscany, but really just make you feel like you've stepped into a room covered with brown frosting? that was our kitchen. now that the paint and most of the texture is off jesse's co-worker, robert, is going to smooth the walls out. it already feels so much bigger. quite the undertaking, but it will be worth it.

other projects completed: new kitchen light (no more fluorescent) and wainscoting up in the dining room. typing it out doesn't seem like a lot, but we have been working non-stop! the kitchen took up lot of time. 

all of this housework has provided some really special time with our friends and family and time to reflect on where we're at and where we're headed as a family.

  • if you had told me a year ago that i would be joyfully buying a house in lewisville i would have probably responded with a sarcastic, bitter remark. but now, i can't imagine settling down anywhere else. God has been so faithful to soften my heart and use our community to minister and challenge me. it's not that something big happened and i now love lewisville and think it's the hottest place to live, but rather the Lord has given me peace. 
  • we have had an awesome time with our family. shout out to our parents who have been so generous with their time! jesse's dad and my mom have been over almost every time we've been at the house. my parents spent all day thursday and friday painting while we were both at work. and jesse's mom came and helped us on labor day and will be over again on tuesday night. i think it's so special that the four of them get to be a part of this with us.
  • our friends are incredibly selfless. so many people have offered their time to paint, scrape, and feed us. and the best part? they expect nothing in return! their hearts are so pure in wanting to serve us. it has been a great lesson for me in receiving help and letting go of my false sense of control. 
  • we are blessed! as Christians i feel like we use this word a lot (and rightfully so), but sometimes do you think maybe we use it without really thinking about the implications of it? last sunday night we were at the house about to leave to come back to our apartment. i needed to use the restroom, but we had no toilet paper. in my head i thought "oh i'll just wait till i get to our apartment." (first world pains, anyone?) wait - what? let me leave my house! and go back to the other place i have to live to use the restroom. TWO places! jesse and i currently have TWO places to live. holy cow. in that moment my heart was overwhelmed with gratefulness. for whatever reason God has entrusted us with this home for his glory. nothing that we have done has made us entitled to own this house. the Lord has blessed us immensely. it may sound dumb, or horrible, but some days i forget what i'm leaving behind when i leave work. everyday at 3:30 or 4 i drive away by extreme poverty, addiction, brokenness, etc. and drive to my suburban lifestyle. this house is truly a gift. knowing that it could be taken away from me at any moment gives me some perspective. it's not my own.
so as we continue to choose where to hang a picture or what color of countertops we want, my prayer is that before it's cute or finished or cozy, that our home would be a place of tears, laughter, hospitality, refuge, service, and fellowship all to the glory of our great king who has so graciously blessed us! 

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