Saturday, August 6, 2011


a couple of weeks ago my family got to celebrate my beautiful grandma! we threw a huge 80th birthday party for her. the theme you ask? "queen for a day." my grandma is english. she and my grandpa (who was in the us air force) met while he was stationed in england.

everyone formed a receiving line waving flags as she pulled up. 

the cake. (society bakery, y'all. do it)

she even had a special throne and crown for the day. 

everything had a flag. even the strawberries had to represent. 

i got some quality nephew time in at the party. 

nanny rose.

i can't decide what the best part of the party was. the slideshow with pictures to old pub tunes. or when she got to skype with her sister, nieces, and nephews in england. our family across the pond made a video that we showed her at the end. it was so funny. and so sweet. 

the slideshow was so special. it had pictures from her whole life! as a little girl she had to leave london during ww2. one of the coolest pictures was of her and a group of kids on ve day. of course the pictures of her and my grandpa melted my heart. 

it was an absolutely beautiful day! the Lord has given her 80 incredible years. and she's not done yet. my nanny has lived a life of abundance and walks in so much joy. it was so evident in the photos and the laughter throughout the party. 

she is so special. and i am so lucky. if i make it to 80, i hope im still rockin it like she is.

love you nanny!

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