Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wedding fun.

april, may, june, and part of july were filled with weddings in some form. i worked weddings. celebrated at bachelorette parties. or was at or in a wedding. it's been a busy few months, but it's been a really fun few months.

i love weddings. i love the reminder of the gospel. i love getting dressed up. i love dancing. and i love that everyone is together in one big room celebrating!

on june 11th my lifelong best friend, megan, got married. she was so beautiful. and i couldn't be happier for her. we've known each other literally all my life! i'm so thankful for her friendship and was so honored to be one of her matrons of honor. i bawled through my toast. of course. the cool thing about megan's wedding was because we've grown up together i know her entire family. it was so great to see everyone.

megan and me. 

jesse even danced with me at this wedding!

family photo! brother, sister in law, mom and pops.

the joy luck club! minus one. and the little babies. 

just love them. 

this past weekend i flew to midland to celebrate my friend, hope! i've known her for four years and just love her. she's hilarious. and her wedding was a blast. we danced for hours. 

the girls before rehearsal. 

hope and me gettin' our photo on. 

"mmmmm mmmm" - this was the tactic we used to get free food at the gaylord. worked like a charm. 

so fun that sonya was there, too. she did all the flowers. check her out - 

dance floor... heyyyy!

i've had fun, but i'm so thankful for a time to rest! i love my friends and couldn't be happier. 

PS... an announcement may be coming soon for the mckees. and no, it's not a baby. 

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