Tuesday, February 15, 2011

all you need is love.

valentine's day is the holiday of extremism. you love it or you hate it. you're sappy or you're cynical.

i think it's so fun. of course, i'm married, so i have a valentine. and he is so cute. but even before i was married, valentine's day was not that bad. it was an excuse to go out with my girls and have fun. i am fully aware of the "single awareness" thought camp. or the "it's just another holiday made up by hallmark" camp. and here's what i have to say to those people - you just refuse to see how much love there is in your life!

let me give you the perspective of a floral designer. valentine's day is our busiest day of the year. i see the men buying flowers for their girlfriends, wives, etc. but i also get to see the people buying flowers for their parents. or friends. or children. i see preparation and thought when people order ahead of time. i get to see their meticulous selection. i get to see the thought they put into their cards. i get to see their love for all the people in their lives. not just the steamy romances.

here's a little love list of mine:
the Lord and his grace
Jesse McSexy
afternoon drives with the sunroof open
reunions with my friends from college
a good belly laugh
ice cream!

also, i love that the guys in our homegroup served us dinner last night. it was precious indeed. and more than that, i love the flower arrangement jesse made me. it included a peony (my absolute favorite and the reason we got married in may) and a hydrangea (a close second). it was in a cute vintage jar. maybe i'll post a picture next post. i think blogs are more fun with pictures. he is so thoughtful.

hope you felt the love yesterday. and everyday.


  1. Love the perspective and love the fun inside scoop from a florist. So fun to see what people put into it. My hubby totally surprised me with flowers delivered to my office. I loved it! :)

  2. I LOVE that you called him Jesse McSexy. And please post a picture of his arrangement! I think that is the sweetest thing ever :)