Saturday, February 19, 2011


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

all you need is love.

valentine's day is the holiday of extremism. you love it or you hate it. you're sappy or you're cynical.

i think it's so fun. of course, i'm married, so i have a valentine. and he is so cute. but even before i was married, valentine's day was not that bad. it was an excuse to go out with my girls and have fun. i am fully aware of the "single awareness" thought camp. or the "it's just another holiday made up by hallmark" camp. and here's what i have to say to those people - you just refuse to see how much love there is in your life!

let me give you the perspective of a floral designer. valentine's day is our busiest day of the year. i see the men buying flowers for their girlfriends, wives, etc. but i also get to see the people buying flowers for their parents. or friends. or children. i see preparation and thought when people order ahead of time. i get to see their meticulous selection. i get to see the thought they put into their cards. i get to see their love for all the people in their lives. not just the steamy romances.

here's a little love list of mine:
the Lord and his grace
Jesse McSexy
afternoon drives with the sunroof open
reunions with my friends from college
a good belly laugh
ice cream!

also, i love that the guys in our homegroup served us dinner last night. it was precious indeed. and more than that, i love the flower arrangement jesse made me. it included a peony (my absolute favorite and the reason we got married in may) and a hydrangea (a close second). it was in a cute vintage jar. maybe i'll post a picture next post. i think blogs are more fun with pictures. he is so thoughtful.

hope you felt the love yesterday. and everyday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the body.

jesse and i had such a fun time in little rock thanks to our sweet hostess, kat. the weekend was one big OBU reunion, which probably isn't his idea of a perfect weekend, but it is for sure mine. my years at Ouachita were so sweet. and i made the absolute best friends in those 4 years. there is an official campaign to get jesse and i to move to little rock. i'm all for it :) coming home from a weekend in arkansas is always a little rough. my transition to flower mound hasn't been horrible, but the mound still doesn't feel like home. and having that community of friends you can call at the drop of the hat for a sonic run or good cry isn't quite there, though it is growing. the Lord was gracious to remind me that my friends at ouachita weren't my best friends from day 1. it took time. and life there is different from life here. we don't live in the dorms, work, study, etc. together. we have different jobs, live in different neighborhoods. it will happen. i've already seen the sweetness of our growing community here. i have learned so much from my new friends and am thankful for them.

on tuesday i was invited to attend the 3rd annual Soup's On! luncheon benefiting The Stewpot. if you've been a part of my journey at all in the past 3 years, you know the homeless community in dallas has been a huge part of it. after i had back surgery i read a book called "same kind of different as me" which shook me to the core. in a season of self-pity, the Lord used that book to completely flip my perspective on life and how i was spending my time. i began spending my time serving meals with the Stewpot and quickly fell in love with those people. a few months later i spent some time on skid row in LA and knew that God had placed a burden on my heart for the homeless. i worked for the stewpot for over a year until jesse and i got married and i moved to flower mound. i love, love, love that place. it really is incredible to see all that they do. what's just as incredible is to witness the generosity of so many people with both time and money. last year i was behind the scenes of Soup's On! working on organizing underwriting contracts and donations. my sinful heart is so quick to judge the rich. thinking "they hoard their money. do they really need to drive a bentley?, etc." but after working on Soup's On! my eyes were opened to the necessity of people who can financially support missions such as the Stewpot's. people donated thousands of dollars at a time. something i will never be able to do. but that's the beauty of the body of Christ. (check out 1 Corinthians 12) the 2010 luncheon raised $250,000. im so excited to see what the 2011 luncheon raised. if you're in the dallas area and looking for a place to spend some time giving back or a place to donate money to, check out The Stewpot.