Wednesday, January 19, 2011


this blogging thing is hard! how do people do it so consistently? of course, i'm driving across the metroplex every day for work. and our weekends fill up so quickly. so, time to think through a blog and actually write it out (which is a long process for me) is hard to come by.

the holidays were busy. and sweet. poor kitty struck once more. this time it was caught on film. absolutely priceless. and ridiculous, but a sweet memory nonetheless. i love my precious grandma. i'm so thankful that jesse and i are able to see our family as often as we are. over christmas i was reminded repeatedly of the Lord's faithfulness. i saw the fruit of prayers i have been praying for 8 years! praise God that he hears. and responds. and knows exactly what's best for his children.

i recently started the steps program at our church. i am so eager to see how God tears away layer by layer my fears and the lies i believe to sanctify me more. in one week i've seen the Lord move in a powerful way. i have been so encouraged.

jesse and i get to go to little rock (one of my favorite places) this weekend for a dear friend's wedding. i cant wait to celebrate! and see some special people. i love weddings. maybe that's why i enjoy working with flowers so much.

this post is dedicated to this little guy who has my heart. Declan is turning 2 on saturday. i can't believe he's already been around 2 years. he truly is the sweetest little boy i've ever met. and i love him so stinkin' much.

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