Saturday, November 20, 2010

poor kitty.

since Thanksgiving is coming up, i would like to take this time to share a little Thanksgiving story.

last year was our first Thanksgiving together. Jesse and his dad came to lunch at my house. and they met my whole family. i had some firefly and tried to spike my grandma's tea. there were kids running around. and as usual, i fell asleep on the couch. maybe not the most comfortable setting for Jesse's first holiday with my family.

he was sitting there quietly watching football. because that's what Thanksgiving is about, right? my grandma proceeds to say "Jesse, you sure are quiet." not knowing how to respond to that he shrugged and gave a little grin. my grandma has the idea to play "poor kitty". apparently it was a fun game our family used to play. pre-1985 obviously, because i had never heard of it till this point. granny gives the basic gist of the game: one person is the "kitty". he/she has to crawl around to people and meow. whoever kitty crawls up to has to pet his/her head 3 times and say poor kitty without laughing. if this person laughs while petting kitty, he/she is now the kitty.

so grandma gets down on all fours, crawls over to jesse, and puts her head on his lap. poor jesse felt so uncomfortable, but patted her head.

it's a story we'll never forget. it makes me grateful. that my grandma wanted to make jesse feel comfortable and a part of our family because she is so caring. and it makes me thankful for laughter. life without it is a bummer.

hoping you all (all 3 of you) have a sweet time enjoying food and fellowship this week with friends and family.

the weffanator.

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