Tuesday, November 9, 2010


today has been a sweet day. jesse leaves for sudan tomorrow, so we both took the day off work for a date day. rarely do we have a day free of anything because i've worked most saturdays since we've been married. and sundays seem to fill up with chores, errands, and church. so, today was extra special. just us doing what we wanted to do enjoying each other's company without anything that "had" to be done. i'm not sure why we don't make this happen more often.

i am so excited (and jealous) for jesse. i love traveling. and want to see as much as i can. traveling for me includes a trip to little rock this weekend to see dear friends. that place is so special. and can't wait to catch up with my community there. the rest of the time i'll be staying with my parents in mesquite. and i'm excited for that, too.

as jesse goes to the other side of the world tomorrow, i will be here. wishing i were on a plane (as usual). i am praying for contentment. and that the Lord would give me a trusting heart - that he has me exactly where i need to be for his glory. and that my life may not be an international adventure, but God is still using it for good.

i've been hearing the phrase "God is good. And He does good," a lot lately. it's been good to dwell on that. and know that it's true.

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